County Clerk & Election Authority


The County Clerk's office is the primary business office of the County. The County Clerk is also the Budget Officer for the County.

The County Clerk's Office performs a variety of services including:

  • Administers all Voter Registration, Elections and Absentee Voting in Perry County
  • Filing of Candidates for County Offices and some Political Subdivisions
  • Personnel, Payroll and Benefits for County Employees
  • Clerk to the County Commission
  • All insurance programs for the County
  • County Tax Books
  • Issue County Liquor Licenses
  • Secretary to the Board of Equalization
  • Maintain County Records
  • Administer Oath for Notary Commissions approved by the Secretary of State
  • Preparation of County Financial Statement
  • Works with Political Subdivisions for finalization of tax levy certification 
  • Budget/Accounting officer for the county and accounts for all monies expended from and received into the multiple varied funds of the County.
  • The County Clerk's office maintains account books for both the Treasurer and the Collector as a system of "checks and balances" on county funds.