The Perry County Treasurer's Office is responsible for:

  • Compiling:
    • Five-year comparison reports of sales tax
    • Gas tax
    • Local park sales tax
    • Motor vehicle fee increase
    • Motor vehicle sales tax
    • Road capital improvement sales tax
    • Investing County tax dollars
    • Making bank deposits
    • Monitoring and balancing County checking accounts
    • Preparing monthly financial reports
    • Receipting all revenue that comes into the County

Money Handling

The office also handles the money for:

  • County Employees Retirement Fund (CERF)
  • Criminal cost account
  • Domestic Violence Shelter Fee Fund
  • Federal Revenue Sharing
  • Financial institution taxes
  • Library Fund
  • Prosecuting Attorney's bad check fund
  • Recorders Record Storage Fund
  • Recorders Tech Fund
  • SB 40 Tax Fund
  • School fines and bond forfeitures
  • Tax sale surplus
  • Unclaimed property and unclaimed fees