Vehicle Licensing

Vehicle License Info 

License Bureaus Phone Numbers

     Perryville License Bureau (573) 547-6100 Map

    Jackson License Bureau (573) 243-5406 Map

   Ste Genevieve License Bureau (573) 883-2344 Map

   Cape Girardeau License Bureau (573) 335-3659 Map

January Car License Renewal

Please be sure to mail before December 15th

If you mail after December 15th, you might have to wait up to 7 days for your receipt due to heavy mailing at that time. 

Contact Assessor’s Office If

    You suspect your tax amount is incorrect.

    You have questions about assessed value.

    Vehicle information is incorrect.

    There is incorrect information on your bill.

Assessor’s Phone (573) 547-5211

Contact Collector’s Office If

    You didn’t receive all of your statements.

    You need help with late payment fees.

    You have general tax collection questions.

Collector’s Phone: (573) 547-4422 to add content...