Tax Waiver

Non-Assessment Certificates

A non-assessment is issued to a county resident when no personal property tax was assessed for the prior year. This certificate is used in lieu of a paid personal property tax receipt when registering a vehicle or renewing license plates. No fee is charged for a certificate of non-assessment.

Certificates of non-assessment may be issued in the following circumstances:
  • This is the 1st vehicle you have owned 
  • You are a former resident returning to Missouri and no unpaid personal property taxes are due in Perry or any other Missouri County 
  • You are exempt from personal property taxes (individuals or organizations who are determined tax exempt by the state), i.e., churches and most non-profit and charitable organizations 
  • You are new to our state

If you have never owned personal property, you will need a Tax Wavier for non-assessment clearance from the Assessor's Office ((573)547-5211), proof of insurance, a Missouri State Inspection Certificate, and the title or registration to the vehicle.