Perry County Economic Development Authority(EDA)/Perry County Industrial Development Authority (IDA)

EDA Meetings

Noon – 1:00 p.m.

Quarterly on the 4th Thursday of the month (January, April, July and October)

SEMO Regional Planning Conference Room


  • Kim Moore - President, representing the Perryville Development Corporation
  • Frank Robinson - Vice President, representing the Industrial Development Authority
  • Jay Wengert - Treasurer, representing the Perry County Commission
  • Doug Martin -  Secretary, representing the City of Perryville
  • Kris Klaus - representing the Perryville Development Corporation 
  • Craig Brewer,  representing the Perry County Industrial Development Authority
  • Larry Riney, Mayor, City of Perryville
  • Mike Sauer, representing Perry County Commission 

Ex Officio Members

  • Crystal Jones, EDA Executive Director
  • Jeremy Tanz, SEMO Regional Planning Commission
  • Brent Buerck, City Administrator


Perry County Economic Development Authority board of directors is the umbrella board for all economic development activity in Perry County and City of Perryville. It’s 8 member board is made up of the 2 seats from the following:

  • Perry County
  • City of Perryville
  • Industrial Development Authority
  • Perryville Development Corporation


  • Assist in community visits and property tours for site selection teams.
  • Act as liaison with state and local officials, area real estate developers, and utility and transportation representatives.
  • Assist in area-wide economic development activities with our local Economic Development Partners.

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Perry County Industrial Development Authority (IDA)

IDA Meetings

The Industrial Development Authority (IDA) board meets annually or as decided by the members.


Francis Robinson 

Dominic Blythe 

Gail Zoellner 

Craig Brewer

Donald Mueller

Michael Ponder


Members of the IDA serve a 6 year term and are appointed to the board by the City of Perryville Mayor. In addition, 2 members are appointed to serve on the Board of Perry County Economic Development Authority (EDA). The duties of the IDA include:

Assisting the City in issuing Industrial Revenue Bonds.