Reporting Bad Checks

Procedure for Reporting to Prosecutor's Office
  1. Upon receipt of check(s) from your bank, complete a Bad Check Statement of Facts, attach the check, and submit immediately to this office.
  2. Do not accept any payment after the check is submitted to this office. If payments are mailed to you, you must bring such payments to the Prosecuting Attorney's Office immediately. In the event payment is accepted by the victim after the check has been submitted to the Prosecuting Attorney's Office, the victim will be required to pay handling charges to the Prosecuting Attorney's Office, which could range from $10 to $80.
  3. The Prosecuting Attorney's Office will send out a 10-Day Letter to the bad check writer. You do not need to send it yourself.
  4. Upon payment of the amount of the check, including an additional amount of $15 payable to the victim for service charges, our office will contact the person or business that accepted the check to notify them that restitution in full has been received.
  5. If we receive no response from the person who wrote the check, we will make every effort to pursue prosecution, but we need the victim's help to do it.
If you have any questions, please contact us at (573) 547-1023.